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cropped-shutterstock_139374812.jpg During September I won a 30 minute session with Ana Lisa. I went into the reading with the general intent of “whatever comes through for me comes through”. To my delight my grandmother came through right away, Ana Lisa knew details that even I had to confirm! She was spot on with things about my family, relationship, and myself. She confirmed things I had on my mind/I suspected without my saying anything prior. Through it all Ana Lisa makes you feel so comfortable, truly like you are talking with your friend. It was a great experience and would recommend to everyone! Thank you for all you do Ana Lisa!  Emily M. – New Jersey

cropped-shutterstock_139374812.jpg What a synchronicity. I had a reading with Ana Lisa one year ago. I kept my notes in a file and had forgotten about it. Over the course of the past several months I’ve had this sense that I’ve been time traveling or have the ability to do so. It may sound corny but maybe it’s too much watching of Outlander?! Seriously though, I can’t watch the show anymore because it literally hurts my heart and I’m very sad for days after watching it. Anyway, I happened to see one of Ana Lisa’s emails yesterday regarding her YouTube group readings and decided to join. Literally about two hours before joining the call, I was out walking my dog and I had this intense feeling that I was walking through the veil and into another time. Then I hopped on the call and that’s exactly what she referenced was going on with me. So of course I ran to my files and pulled out my notes from my reading with her a year ago to see what else she had said last year. Interestingly enough, three days ago I was on the cbs morning news for one of their segments and I’m going to be on another morning show later this coming week. In my notes it said “sees me in morning tv show.”

My notes also say “traveling to East coast.” 3 months later a former colleague hired me on at their start up company in New York. I travel there once a month and work remotely the rest of the time from Milwaukee. I was surprised when she said this as I had only been out East a few times in my life as of the time of my reading.

Finally, she told me to let go of red wine – ironically I did about six months later and created a program for women to release or reduce alcohol which is why I’m on the morning shows! 

She also provided healing information from my aunt to my mother which made complete sense and offered my Mother a sense of peace.

Meg Daly – Milwaukee, WI

cropped-shutterstock_139374812.jpgAna Lisa is just remarkable.
The approach to her reading is a breath of fresh air. She is thorough and her training in the medical field shines through as she can pick up on ailments that might need to be looked into. My mother in Ireland has been watching Ana Lisa on her YouTube Channel for quite a while and shared her videos with me. After watching a few, I knew I had to get a personal reading. I had a lot weighing on me and this is exactly what I needed. After my reading I was so impressed that I quickly set up a personal reading for my mom for letting me know about this awesome person. =)
If you’re thinking about getting a personal reading with Ana Lisa, stop wasting your time and do it.   

Dan McCleskey – Brighton, CO

cropped-shutterstock_139374812.jpg“My experience with Ana Lisa been truly rewarding to say the least. The invaluable gift that her gift has given me cannot be measured in words. Years ago I met Ana Lisa at a gathering. She was able to intuitively address many of my concerns  and I walked away with an amazing sense of relief and honestly surprised at the accuracy of her messages. Unfamiliar to her, the origin of some messages, made complete sense to me.  Years later the messages all turned to be exactly as  they were relayed even when they seemed unlikely to happen. She also was able to communicate  a message to a good friend of mine, from her deceased loved one that was only familiar to her at a time when she needed it most. I reached out years later to Ana Lisa and she has once again been so helpful. I’m always amazed how her intuition and gift always address the topics in your life that are most relevant at the time and at the reassurance she has given me.”  Sara M. – Newark, NJ

cropped-shutterstock_139374812.jpg“I met Ana Lisa almost two years ago as she led a meditation. I instantly felt comfortable where I was (and being ‘new’ to meditation) since she seemed so ‘down to earth,’ caring, and honest. Afterward, I received her contact information and set up an appointment for a reading. Not too long after, we met for a reading where she led me through a short meditation in a comfortable setting. Her reading was definitely on par with what was going on in my life. Her readings help you bring what you need to know at the moment to the surface, and from there you can help to navigate your current situations. All I felt was honesty and love in her presence. She is truly a healer and in the path of the light. Her title of ‘My Spiritual Friend’ is absolutely perfect, because you feel like you are with your best friend when around her. I highly recommend her if you are serious about getting a reading and not just stopping in any old ‘psychic’ on the corner of 8th Ave.”        Jessica L. – New York, NY

cropped-shutterstock_139374812.jpg“I met Ana Lisa when I was going through a very hard time. After looking for a medium for a long time and not getting good results, I stopped looking and then a friend gave me Ana Lisa’s card. I e-mailed her and got a very warm reply back which made me book a reading right away, even though I did not believe in Skype readings. It is now three years since I am in contact with Ana Lisa. She helped me tremendously in making decisions in my business, my personal life, and my spiritual connections. Ana Lisa is a very kind, warm, and caring person with abilities that only the chosen get.”                      Katia L. – New York, NY

cropped-shutterstock_139374812.jpg“I was introduced to Ana Lisa from a co-worker who raved about her, so I decided to schedule a reading. My first reading with Ana Lisa was about 6 months ago, and in the months since the reading it’s been incredible seeing firsthand the predictions and events occurring in my life and those around me.  We connected right away and I was super impressed that she told me things that NO ONE would have known and provided clear guidance on topics that were troublesome to me. I highly recommend Ana Lisa as a spiritual advisor and I look forward to continuing to connect with her to learn more about my life and how I can best navigate my journey through it.”                           Jen F. – Mt. Pleasant, WI

cropped-shutterstock_139374812.jpg“My late husband has contacted me, several times, through Ana Lisa; and, I’ve had readings that were so accurate that they were mind-boggling! I highly recommend Ana Lisa as a knowledgeable and competent psychic reader.”    Pennie S. – New Berlin, WI

cropped-shutterstock_139374812.jpg“Ana Lisa’s spiritual gifts never cease to amaze me! She has helped to guide me through some of the most difficult times in my life. She has foreseen many specific life events that have since occurred to me – from having a baby, to adjusting my work schedule, and even to the house my family moved to. Ana Lisa has also validated many times the presence of my Dad (who had been on the other side for quite some time) in our lives. My young son has had the pleasure of seeing my dad, and Ana Lisa has confirmed his spirit in and around my family. There are no words to describe how comforting that has been. She has truly been a blessing in my life.”    Ellen S. – Bayside, WI

cropped-shutterstock_139374812.jpg“I was in a state of discourage, depression and felt like the world was crumbling around me as I was dealing with my special needs son current school situation. I was trying to keep my faith and praying and asking Jesus and God to guide me to the right road. One day at my son’s Speech Therapy center I bumped into Ana Lisa. As my son sat next to her holding his ears, she picked up on his anxiety, as well as mine. I explained my situation to Ana Lisa and immediately her energy and presence calmed both me and my son. My son, who is Autistic, will give her the best eye contact and just stare at her with him being calm. I asked Ana Lisa for a reading and we scheduled a visit at my home. She was prepared with taking out some candles for a quick meditation with her and I  both closing our eyes. I immediately felt an energy throughout my body and felt as if all of my anxiety lifted. Ana Lisa started to give me her reading. She was very spontaneous and the things she mentioned were actually life situations I was going through. She reassured me that all the steps that I had made for my son were the right ones and that the issue with his school situation will soon be resolved. Once you meet Ana Lisa, you feel calm, relaxed, and that she can guide you in the right direction. I highly recommend Ana Lisa Schwartz for a reading. I felt that she was placed in front of me for a reason. ”                            Helen T. – Livingston, NJ

cropped-shutterstock_139374812.jpg“Ana Lisa didn’t know me at all when we talked. I had just lost a job and felt directionless, like I was being tossed in the wind. The first thing she said to me threw me off. She mentioned the word “Aliens”. That’s not me at all. I experienced about 10 years of writers block at that point and was wrestling with a big grand project I have been kicking around about the Civil War but I just couldn’t get it started. She told me my writing was key, that I already knew what to do about the job situation (I had already applied for the job I would get at this time) and that aliens were the key to me writing again. 2 months went by and I started writing like I have never written in my life. This came to me like a freaking flash of lightning out of the sky and before I knew it I wrote 19 pages the first night. Aliens. I’m writing about freaking aliens. That’s the best word to describe them. It was days before I remembered back to what she had said and I almost fell over in public. Everything she said was right on.”                                        Aaron J.- Minneapolis, MN

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  1. I found Ana Lisa on YouTube and have continued to follow her for the last 15 months or so. I have had several Mini readings during her Weekly YouTube lives and she always astounds me with the details. I have had so much sound advice ranging from questions I had about my father’s health, my marriage, children and my own health too. Ana has always been accurate on descriptions and validated all of my requests on friends and family that have passed over, she has a connection that I have never witnessed before. I 💯 recommend her and will continue to trust her implicitly with her connections to the other side. I’m from the uk and can’t believe the accuracy Ana has just from a simple message via YouTube chat. Our true and trusted psychic friend.

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