Intro to Consciously Creating the Life You Want

Something I am very fond of, and finding my way back to, is consciously creating the life I want using The Law of Attraction (LOA from here on.) LOA basically says, like attracts like. In other words, the thoughts and feelings you have will create the life you will have. Think positive, get positive. Think negative, get negative.

How so? Well, if I am in the constant mind-set of thinking “I want, I need, or I wish I had” I am intentionally focusing on the lack there of, and therefore, I will not be attracting those things.

What are the tips and tricks I use to make LOA work for me? FIrst, I figure out what it is I want. I have to be clear on this, if I am wishy-washy, it will be harder to create, I become frustrated and give up very quickly. Second, I make a vision board or gratitude list. If it is a board, I look at it daily. If it is a list, I read it and make it a mantra. I imagine that I can feel what it would be like to already have those things. Next I use visualization. I sit quietly and picture myself surrounded by the things I want. I use the term “things” loosely. Things can be people, job, house, love, adventures, state of being, financial abundance, really anything.

Also, don’t worry about “how” you are going to get the things you want. Let the Universe take care of the “how,” you focus on the “what.”

Last week I talked about gratitude and shifting energy. This is where gratitude will be handy, feel grateful as if you already have these things in your life. As you practice these techniques, you will notice your energy naturally shifting into a more positive space or it will become more apparent to you that the shift needs to occur.

Often times, when we start creating the lives we want, we notice that the people and activities that are negative and unhealthy will suddenly not be such an important part of our lives. This can be a scary idea when you are starting to create. But take heart, when you shed the negative, you leave more room for positive and wonderful things in your life.