Assisting Loved Ones in Crossing Over

Yesterday I had a very busy morning with Spirit. Two young men, connected to people I know, made their transition to the spirit world. On earth we would call their death untimely or “too soon,” but the reality is, we all cross at the exact right time, just as we are born at the correct time.

Both of these souls crossed for very different reasons, one from overdose, and the other from a car crash. Both unexpected and both very painful for the ones left behind.  I have found there are very different messages shared by those that cross, but there is a resonating theme amongst various forms of crossing. When someone crosses for some reason other than “their own doing,” there are usually instant messages of joy and reassurance that they are okay. When a soul crosses because of something “they did,” whether that be suicide or overdose, they often times don’t feel they are allowed to cross into the light. There is remorse, guilt, and a sense of unworthiness.

Why would they feel they can’t cross into the light? Because there are some religious and personal beliefs that we inflict on ourselves that say we aren’t deserving of Divine Love because we did “bad” things or were “bad” people. Most religions teach that God (or whatever name you give this higher power) is LOVE. And after years of giving messages from loved ones, guides, and even Angels, there is nothing but unending amounts of love on the other side. It is often easy for us in the human body to be angry at those that cross by their own doing, calling it selfish. But really, I have found these souls to be the most in need of our love.

What can we do to help them cross? Most importantly, remember to send them love and healing. Their souls are in desperate need for both of those things. Let them know that they are deserving of the love on the other side, as is everyone. Forgive them, for they were so lost they couldn’t see how much others loved them here and wanted them to succeed. Forgive yourself, because it wasn’t your job to save them. In doing these things, your loved one will cross into the light and know the true Divine Love from which we are all created.