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  • I started my YouTube Channel just over two years ago as a way to share some of my spiritual knowledge. It has evolved into doing weekly live readings on Sundays at 8:30pm ET. My plan is to continue doing the live readings and also provide more prerecorded content. Please got to my channel and subscribe. Click here YouTube 
  • This is a  video a friend of mine, Joel Mario Thomas, made to be included on the website for Practical Mysticism Expo. In it I answer a few questions about being a psychic, about others being psychic, and how to find a psychic. I hope you enjoy it! Watch Here!
  • I was a guest on the radio show “What’s Your SIgn? I Have Your Number.” Co-hosted by Anthony S. Picco and Sharita Star.  You can listen here to the archived show I was a guest on. The first half of he show I answer questions and the second half I give readings to the listeners in the chat room. I had such a great time being a guest on Anthony and Sharita’s show. I hope you enjoy listening.
  • Anthony S. Picco invited me to be his premier guest on his new radio show “Cosmic Tuesdays.” Listen Here
  • Guest on The Jupiter Rising Show with Eileen Grimes and Douglas Johnston. Here is a link to the show from July 14, 20018.
  • I was invited back to be a guest on The Jupiter Rising Show with Eileen Grimes  and this time I did on-air readings for folks who called into the show. You can listen here September 8, 2018.


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