All Bets Are Off

Several times I have been presented with the question, “Why don’t you pick lottery numbers?”   The question is most often asked less politely than that and usually the person asking is challenging whether or not I am in fact psychic or if my abilities exist.

So, why don’t I? Some psychics will tell you they “can’t” and it may be true for some, because most of us are more gifted in certain areas of focus than others. I am sure you have all heard of psychics that find missing persons, that is not an area I am confident in working.

What I am trying to say is “can’t ” is too basic of an answer, but also allows one to not have to explain it, which I am here to do.

When I first started realizing that my abilities were something that I could actually actively use, rather than just “experiencing” psychic phenomena, I was still a skeptic myself. I still couldn’t wrap my head around the vastness of my abilities. So, I “tested” The Universe.

One time in particular, I was with my husband (we were dating at the time), It was June 7, 2008 the day of the Belmont Stakes. We went into an Off Track Betting place in Manhattan and I stood in the middle, looked up and said “Ok Guys (speaking to my guides) if this gift is real, give me the winning number, I will not keep the money, I will give it to my BF.” I took a slow deep breath closed my eyes and saw the number 6. I turned, looked at the boards and the very first 6 in the line-up  I saw I bet on that horse. It also happened to be just the number 6 rather than 26  or 16, you see where I am going with this.

I asked BF for $20 (I didn’t have cash on on me at the time) and made a B-line for the betting window. I told the guy I wanted $20 on #6. I barely remember what he looked like, but he said “Do you know what you’re doing?” I responded, “Nope, but I want $20 on #6.” He shook his head and placed my bet on a horse that had 1 in 38 odds of winning.

Needless to say, my #6 won, $20 turned into nearly $800. I was amazed. The money sat on BF’s counter for months, I refused to use it for myself,  and he didn’t feel like it was his money.

Why I don’t do this? Because my abilities are capable of something MUCH cooler, helping others heal, helping them connect with loved ones crossed over. If I stayed with the numbers, that approach resonates with  a lower vibrational energy and is a waste of my abilities. I also think I would stop growing in my spiritual wisdom and lose my connection with my abilities. It’s simply that I choose to use my gifts for a higher purpose.

The words Place Your Bets on three red dice to illustrate predicting the future and betting on a certain outcome in gambling, career or life